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There are many new advancements in dentistry that your dentist may choose to offer for an enhanced state of comfort and improved oral health. These dental advances play an important role in the comfort of the patients as well as the dentists, dental specialists, hygienists, and office managers at the practice, allowing them to provide the highest standard of dental care possible.

Our patients look forward to their appointments at our office because we care when it comes to comfort, ambience and amenities. The state-of-the-art equipment provides Precise and minimally invasive treatments with most treatments virtually painless.

Patients, who are fully relaxed during their visits, and are keen to return to the office for our caring experience irrespective of whether or not they need dental treatment.

Smile Element Dental treatments begin in luxurious dental chairs with ergonomically designed contoured lumbar support for maximum comfort.
Electrically operated dental chair mount unit with- linak dental chair control system with nine positon programmes, 90 degree rotatable glass spittoon, auto spittoon flush and cup filler control system, luxurious dental operating light, with low and high vaccum pneumatic suction cup filler with both hot and cold watercontrol system, 24 v noiseless dc motor chair, led OPG film viewer, 2-3way syringe, doctors stool.
The world's most advanced equipment allows the experts at Smile Element Dental to diagnose precisely and offer you a treatment plan immediately. Accurate diagnoses lead to effective, minimally invasive treatments. Diagnostic equipment with emphasis on preventative care is the wave of the future: detecting tiny abnormalities and monitoring them minimizes or eliminates the need for future invasive treatments.
Vista Scan Mini Easy - Durr Germany
  • Vista Scan has been at the cutting edge of diagnostics in the surgery. Digital X-ray offers dentists images with high resolution to meet all diagnostic demands. The VistaScan Mini image plate scanner makes image plate diagnostics even faster for dentists. The compact device is particularly easy to use and requires a minimum of space – so that it can be installed in the treatment room.
SATELLAC Intra-Oral Imaging System (France)
  • X-Mind unity™. SATELEC The new X-Mind™ DC generator is fitted with a Toshiba DG-073B-DC double anode 8mA) enables optimal diagnosis of intraoral X-rays with a 35% reduction in exposure time, compared with monophased units.
Epic Diode Solution
  • Introducing EPIC™, the latest laser innovation. More than just a soft tissue laser, expand your treatments and ROI with Whitening mode or exclusive Pain Therapy mode. An elegant touch screen shortens any learning curve.
  • Clinically Versatile
    EPIC™ is the only diode laser in the USA cleared for three unique therapy modes – Soft Tissue Surgery, Whitening, and Pain Therapy. No matter which therapy you wish to offer, you have EPIC™ versatility available at the touch of a finger using a fully redesigned, one-of-a-kind touchscreen interface.
  • EPIC Soft Tissue Surgery
    EPIC™ offers the most precise control of tissue cutting for different procedures and tissue biotypes. With our exclusive diode laser wavelength, EPIC™ cuts soft tissue cleaner, with more hemostasis and supreme patient comfort. Take advantage of other EPIC capabilities including relief of lesions (aphthous ulcers, herpetic lesions) as well as performing "pocket therapy" using single-use disposable Perio tips.
  • EPIC Whitening
    EPIC™ is an ideal teeth-whitening solution for progressive offices wanting to expand their cosmetic treatment menu. Studies have shown that EPIC™ can perform a full-mouth, in-office whitening procedure with an average of 4-6 shades in only 20 minutes of treatment time (not including set-up or take-down), faster than any other in-office whitening system.* And with LaserGel20 whitening gel kits available in five-packs, it's a reliable, affordable treatment that can generate EPIC return on your investment.
  • EPIC Pain Therapy - EXCLUSIVE!
    EPIC™ is cleared by the U.S. FDA for Pain Therapy, a North America exclusive for dental diode lasers. Using a deluxe, fully engineered Deep Tissue Handpiece (DTHP) to control important parameters such as spot size, you have EPIC capabilities for temporary relief of minor pain in the oral maxillofacial region.
  • EPIC Portability and Convenience
    EPIC™ delivers power that other portable diode lasers cannot match – up to 10 Watts of peak power in a compact, elegantly designed console that is fully portable in the dental clinic. You now have EPIC freedom to move even easier between operatories, with no power cords or footswitch cables to worry about, which results in a safer, less cluttered working environment.
  • EPIC Patient Comfort
    One of the most promising aspects of laser dentistry is the opportunity to do more with less anesthetic, and less damage to the tissue. EPIC™ delivers on that promise with ComfortPulse, a proprietary BIOLASE® innovation that delivers precisely controlled micropulses of diode energy to the tissue, followed by "down" time to allow tissue to respond positively.
    EPIC™ introduces a new ComfortPulse setting that delivers pulses to the tissue as short as one ten-millionth of a second, resulting in improved patient comfort, less damage to surrounding tissues, and better healing. EPIC patient comfort is yours.
  • EPIC Touch Screen Controls
    Sporting a completely redesigned user interface with simplified controls, EPIC™ allows you to get into laser procedures faster and with less tuning of individual settings. And with 16 factory-loaded pre-sets for the most common diode procedures (as well as four custom pre-sets for you to call your own), this new laser offers EPIC control.
  • Single Use Tips
    Older diode lasers rely on "stripping and cleaving" the fiber before each use. BIOLASE® was the first to offer disposable single use tips for diode lasers - and we continue that tradition of convenience and ease of use for EPIC™. The system uses our full range of bendable tips for better access to all areas and all indications, including periodontal procedures related to Pocket Therapy.
Root ZX Apex Locator
  • The world's best selling apex locator offers enhancements for the latest in endodontic solutions. A new PC board, utilizing superior technology, produces unmatched clinical accuracy rates, not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, or electrolytes. Invented in 1992, Root ZX was the first apex locator with the ability to work in wet canals and has an independently evaluated accuracy rate of 96.2%. Worldwide, it has been the best selling apex locator for several years running.
Jmorita endodontic slow piece hand piece
  • Invented in 1992, it was the first unit with the ability to work in wet canals - measurement is not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, or electrolytes. Root ZX® II features patented technology which offers an accuracy rate of 97.5%*. User friendly, its display screen is large and easy to read. The action of the meter in the display corresponds exactly to the tactile sensation of using the file. Other features include: slim, lightweight file holder, no zero-adjustment, automatic calibration, battery power indication, and automatic power off function.
Rigorous sterilization practices are at the very heart of any world class dental practice. At Smile Element Dental, disposable products are utilized where possible, instruments packed in vacuum-sealed pouches are sterilized in the most advanced autoclaves available anywhere in the world and even the air in the treatment room is sterilized prior to surgery.
23 Liters Autoclave
  • autoclave is a device used to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 °C
Pouch Sealer
  • Sterilization Reel & Pouch Sealing Machine / Electrothermal Sealer is suitable for sealing sterilization pouches and reels.
Water Distiller
  • Water Distiller keeps the whole distillation system closed during the production of distilled water. Other water distillers simply allow the water to drop, allowing bugs,dust,etc to enter the pure distilled water.
    High Quality Water Container
    Bottom 3/4 of water distiller where most heatup occurs is steel
U.V. Chamber with Two Tubes
  • Compact Elegant cabinet. 12 Stainless steel trays can be kept in the cabinet. It is so designed that Ultra rays Passes through all the trays in uniform condition. U.V. rays destroy bacteria and micro-organisms with in 3 to 5 minutes
Glass Bead Sterilizer
  • Glass Bead Sterilizer is very convenient to use over alcohol/ flame for sterilizing implements (e.g. forceps, scalpels etc.) in the laboratory. It takes just 10 seconds to sterilize an instrument.
    Absolutely safe, effective and no mess-ups. No need of fire extinguishers near the hood. Can avoid flamed finger, no burning of hood surfaces nor burn of hairs on forearms (inherent danger with flames and alcohol)
    No bacterial carryover problems. Can avoid spores in alcohol and spreading of some bacteria that appear to be alcohol resistant.
Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaning device that uses ultrasound and an appropriate cleaning solvent to clean delicate items. The Ultrasonic Cleaner has a larger capacity and works great for big quantites of cases. The ultrasonic cleaning action removes carbon residues from delicate items.
Durr Suction

VS 600

  • Advance technology not only for reduces installation costs, but also the amount of equipment required maximum suction performance is combined with economy, robustness and long services life, as wel as reduction in maintenance costs
Air polisher
  • We offer superior quality air polisher, which is used for cleaning the surface of the tooth, removing plaque and stain instantly.
Oral Camera
  • A patient can see his own intraoral conditions under magnification with better quality than the dentist could show him with a foggy mouth mirror. I can show an endodontic hole down almost to the apex. It's unbelievable what you can see and what it means to the patient as he looks down that hole with you, and sees the challenges you're facing.

Satelec P5 with 4 Tips

  • Piezo Ultrasonic unit featuring high technology and functional design. Minimum size and maximum power. Suitable for all treatments from the most delicate to the most demanding just one selector for the power modes : Perio, endo, scaling and boost.
Orascoptic loupes
  • This Orascoptic loupes features unbelievably high resolution and a wide and deep field to afford full A-P and transverse molar-to-molar views of the oral cavity. The micro-sized optics maximizes comfort and viewing area over the top of the telescopes. Orascoptic loupes are renowned for having the highest resolution across the widest fields. our loupes maintain sharp focus from edge-to-edge of the viewing field.
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